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Hi, I'm Kirileigh, an energy worker, clairvoyant, mentor and teacher. I'm also a fierce and compassionate force for women's empowerment who has been holding space for women as they heal, change and grow for over 10 years. I’ve traveled the world to study with masters in the fields of energy work, yoga, plant medicine, meditation and philosophy.

My work focuses on emotional healing, catharsis, the releasing of old patterns and making peace with oneself. I work with people to help them take a big picture view of their lives and to understand their dharma, the journey of their soul.

I am a channel who can read energy and connect with different vibrational frequencies to help my clients in finding healing and clarity.

I am also a yoga teacher specialising in emotional healing through movement and a mentor who supports those walking the path of self discovery.

I take on a limited amount of mentoring clients each year and offer both individual and group processes.

You can find out more about how I work with clients below.

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